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Lucky to be coming home some day

You hold me right here, right now

trying to find my place...
I'm a lovely young girl, and I'll always be young, turned 21 not long ago and I'm planning to stay there. April 28th is the nicest day of the year (duh! is my B-day). Medicine Student on my 5th year and I don't have a clue about my specialization, so please don't ask. I'm from beautiful country called Venezuela. I'm a PSP freak, totally love making graphics, but that doesn't mean that I'm any good. I'm more interested on Celebs than anyone else (yes, I don't have a life of my own). I have a thing for pretty girly colors like Purple or Pink, to the point that my Stethoscope is pink just like my uniform.
I love to hang out with my boyfriend and my friends from school. I'm a frustated Flamenco Dancer, I danced for 6 years but I had to leave the academy for health problems. As you may have noticed, my english sucks, sorry about that, but all I know, I've learned it from TV and some crappy classes at school. All the titles of my entries are fragments from songs.
LOVE: TV (Bones, Gilmore Girls, Heroes, The OC, ER, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Life, Brothers & Sisters, House, One Tree Hill, Privileged, Lipstick Jungle, among others), Actresses (Jennifer Garner, Lauren Graham, Emily Deschanel, Sandra Bullock, Bethany Joy Lenz, Marcia Cross, Lena Olin, Dakota Fanning, Bonnie Wright, Holly Marie Combs, Kate Hudson, Sophia Bush, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Esposito), Actors (David Boreanaz, Michael Vartan, Benjamin McKenzie, Dominic Purcell, Jensen Ackles, Adam, Brody, Jared Padalecki, Greg Grunberg, TR Knight, Matthew Fox, Peter Gallagher, James Lafferty).
Ships (Bones/Booth, Angela/Hodgins, Blair/Chuck, Brooke/Lucas, Lorelai/Luke, Haley/Nate, Bella/Edward, Rory/Jess, Sydney/Vaughn, Irina/Jack, Jack/Kate, Claire/Charlie, Ryan/Taylor, Kirsten/Sandy, Summer/Seth, Addison/Alex, Izzie/George, Ginny/Harry, Hermione/Ron, Luna/Neville). Music (Pop: Brintey Spears, Christina Aguilera, Michelle Branch, Bethany Joy Lenz, Kelly Clarkson; Country: Dixie Chicks, Taylor Swift, Shania Twain; Spanish: La Oreja de Van Gogh, Alejandro Sanz, Ricardo Arjona, La 5ta Estación).
Taylor Swift: lifeisdolce
Syd & Vaughn: crackified
Grey's Anatomy: serrendipity
Twilight Animated: driftingaway USING

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